Established in 1997, GHZ Matra AG specialises in supplying German and European mail order companies with high-quality durable goods and innovative promotional merchandise.

Our strengths, well known across the sector, lie in finding and procuring products for our clients. In addition to long-established relationships with regional and domestic purchasing sources and European suppliers, we also have direct access to the relevant procurement markets and cooperate closely in Asia with a team of strong partners.

Another of our strengths lies in global multi-channel distribution, where, thanks to our excellent contacts, we are able to react quickly and flexibly to customer requests and can thus offer the latest trends at very competitive prices.

In addition to this, GHZ Matra AG also offers its clients personal support and years of industry know-how - from the procurement and customisation of products and packaging all the way to quality control and the handling of the import process, we provide global wholesale and marketing services on an impressive value-for-money basis.

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Dr. Jochen Riemen
Jeannette Wolter
Executive board

Franz Robens
Supervisory board